How To Engage Employees Effectively?


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There are 4 fundamentally important factors that determine the Level of Productivity of the Employees in an Organisation and the Level of Satisfaction these employees have, working for that organisation.


Technology as you know is quite like a double edged sword as it can either enhance your work or its can distract you from completing your work.

The advantages are that all your work can literally be done out of your Phone/iPad/Laptop anywhere without having to go to office to access your personal computer like the industrial days.

However, at the same time, with applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media apps, you can get so carried away and not even realise time passing by and your pending tasks in hand.

Emails could be another huge time gobbler. Sending emails is considered important but its still only a part of the work. This could make us feel like we’re productive. But, in actuality, we are not.


Gone are those cubicle days where every employee would sit inside their own cubicle like the call centre employees and be disconnected from the other workers in the organisation.

Today, most office spaces are open without boundaries and barriers so that people mingle with each other and in a way, there is a lot of transparency in the sense, everyone can see what their co-workers are doing and this could cause anxiety to some people.

The fact that they are constantly being monitored could kill their creativity and so on and so forth.

So, having the right kind of office spaces for the right departments in an organisation is very crucial.


This is another big big boon as well as a curse at the same time. Most companies have a policy of giving their employees 2 days a week to work from home to foster a feeling of giving them the Freedom and Flexibility.

However, the employees who work from home end up feeling a sense of guilt and constantly think about what their co-workers maybe thinking about them because they are not visible.

So, in order to fill in that gap, they end up sending more emails or making more phone calls on those days than the regular office days and in a way they kill their own freedom and flexibility.

This happens because of the lack of trust the employer has on his employees. Even though externally the employees may be experiencing the flexibility, internally they’re working harder to prove to their bosses that they’re actually working even at home.

So, its important for the employers to “Let Go” and really Trust their employees as this can be felt through energies.


Last but not the least, having Processes & Systems in place can automate a lot of things and can enable the Managers to plug out of the “Monitoring Mode” thereby enabling his team members to work without anxiety and do their job better.

Having proper systems for every process, can help analyse and evaluate the performance of employees just by looking at the dashboard. This brings about transparency in work and the quality of work is much better.


So, all these 4 components if put in the right way, can boost the Productivity, Engagement as well as the Satisfaction levels of the employees in an organisation.

Here is an RS Animate Video explaining these components in depth:

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