How To Find The Right Person For A CEO Position?


Hiring CEO candidates at C-Suite level could mean giving the reigns of the company in the hands of this person.

CEO hiring

Besides having excellent Leadership Skills and having the ability to see the Big Picture(hiring CEO), there are some other very important parameters that are kept in mind by some of the most experienced Head Hunters.

They are as follows:


Having a clear track record in previous companies is clearly a Mandatory requirement. Candidates having a minimum of 5 to 7 years of experience at the top are preferred. People who have changed jobs within 3 years are considered incapable and inconsistent.

Along with a proven track record, Age & Current CTC are considered. If the budget of a particular company for a CEO is 1 Cr, but the candidate’s current CTC is only 50 Lakhs, then he is not considered apt for this role.

Hence, there needs to be a correlation between Age, Current CTC and Industry Experience of the Candidate in order to fit into the shoe of a CEO.

Most companies require (Hiring CEO) candidates to undergo Psychometric Testing and clearly, team player candidates are preferred.


Another very important factor for candidates applying for this position is how tech savvy they are.

There could be a lot of talented people out there who are great at executing their roles but may not be very digitally equipped.

This could be a major road block when it comes to working with the work force today as it also reflects their ability to adapt to rapidly changing market place and customer preferences.

It’s also important for them to have a reasonable level of Physical Fitness since energy and enthusiasm can rub off into the team.


With the New Generation Work Force being extremely competent and agile with the pick up of start ups, they walk, talk and act differently unlike the rigid & conventional ways of the past.

So, its equally or more important for the CEO of the company to be able to cope with this kind of a work force.

Hence, there needs to be maturity and the ability to execute with the abstracts and engage the employees of today in more creative ways.


Gone are those days where the hiring of senior level positions solely depended on Educational Qualification and which educational institution it was obtained from.

Adapting to various environments and different age groups is the name of the game today.

We have CEOs spanning from varied age groups right from as early as 22 to the usual mid 40s.

Being a Constant Learner is essential in todays Information Age.

Those who do not or cannot Coach are equipped to wear the mantle of Leadership.

Article Origin: Economic Times 

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