17 Key Differences Between MANAGERS And LEADERS


mgrs vs ldrs

Every Corporate has Managers in it and hundreds of them. But is every manager a “Leader”?

The perception that 90% people have is when they get to a Managerial level, they’ve got to be having a Posture, be a Go-Getter, a Task Master and simply boss around the subordinates.

There is no doubt that this form of leadership works irrespective of how much the subordinates hate their boss.

But, what makes a person a true Leader is his ability to:

  • Inspire his subordinates
  • Encourage and Motivate them
  • Make them feel that they are “In-Charge”
  • Give them a sense of Ownership to Call the Shots, take important Decisions

Once this happens, the employees automatically drive towards accomplishing their targets/goals without having to push them. This reduces the stress for the Manager as well as the Burden for the Subordinates.

Below is a beautiful infographic that clearly differentiates Leaders from Managers:

Managers Vs Leaders

What’s your Take on this?





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